Welcome to the website of AVLS

The Association of Saarlooswolfhond lovers

Our goals are simple: to stand up for the interests of all Saarlooswolfdogs, regardless which club or breeder raised the dog; this is of no importance to us. The wellbeing of the individual dog is our main purpose!

Our club consists of owners and breeders of Saarlooswolfdogs, though we also have members that don’t  own a Saarloos (yet). All members have one thing in common: their enormous passion for this beautiful breed !

Everybody that supports our goals is very welcome as a member. On the website you can find a lot of information about all segments regarding the breed.

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Ineke Pompen, President.
Marianne Eggink, Secretary

Leendert Saarloos (1884-1969) born and raised in Dordrecht (the Netherlands) was a lover of the German Sheepdog. In the 1930’s he linked a German Sheppard to a she wolf to regain the natural characteristics in this breed. These wolf-dog crossings were called European Wolf dogs. At the end of the 1950’s some of these dogs were trained as guidance for blind people.

Leendert Saarloos struggled for years to get his breed officially registered. This finally happened on July 5th 1975, unfortunately after his decease in 1969.
At the recognition the name European Wolf dog was changed into Saarlooswolfhond as an honour to its creator. The Saarlooswolfhond has lost its capacities as a guide for the blind during the breeding process, it is now most suitable as a family dog.

About the breed
The Saarlooswolfhond is now one of the nine recognised Dutch dog breeds. It is a rare and special dog that has it’s roots in nature. The dog is not suitable for anyone but a small group of lovers can appreciate it’s qualities and restrictions.

To purchase a Saarlooswolfhond should be done well considered; the buying of any dog should not be an act of impulse. This is especially the case with the Saarlooswolfhond as living with it is not considered an easy task.

The breeding in AVLS
Breeding in AVLS is conducted by devoted lovers while the wellbeing of the dog is regarded as eminent. AVLS rejects any breeding for commercial purposes strongly.

Commercial breeding aims for the highest profits with the least costs while wellbeing of pups and breeding animals is considered less important. Fortunately the Saarlooswolfhond is not any fashion dog and will, because of it’s disposition and character, never be that .

To maintain the purity of the breed is considered important by AVLS because only a purebred Saarlooswolfhond will show the character, behaviour and looks that makes the breed attractive to the true lover. The breed traits play an important role in our outcross programme.

Breeding advice
The breed has a small gene pool and is therefore vulnerable. AVLS wants to broaden this pool where possible. This aspect will be of invaluable importance in the future. To conserve the vitality, to guard and stimulate health and to prevent hereditary disabilities are the main aspects in the breeding advice, which is, by the way, not a dictate to our members. Respect for other opinions is an important feature of AVLS. Our members are aware of this!

AVLS wants to promote the documentation of a DNA sample of as many dogs as possible. DNA filing is of the utmost importance and offers many advantages. In this area, the AVLS uses the EMBARK database and collaborates with several Dutch universities such as Wageningen Research to record the health of the breeds. We also think it is right to test the dogs for DM, dwarfism, PRA, cataract, HD and ED before breeding.

The Saarlooswolfhond is a beautiful dog to look at, but that should not be the most significant. Any dog -“beautiful” or “ugly” can contribute to the breed in it’s own way. It is good that this conception is increasing. AVLS wants to inform her breeders in a way that they will be able to make an appropriate consideration in the way they breed. With a small breed as the Saarlooswolfhond is this important.

When you choose a Saarlooswolfhond to be your next family member, choose with your heart, but also with common sense. Go and visit owners, talk and ask. Go on dog walks with a group, contact different breeders and meet different types of dogs. You are very welcome to do so!
The Saarlooswolfhond is a dog with a whiff of nature, a dog to get addicted to….